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Strato Hosting plans

Big plans cherishes the Teles AG with their web hosting subsidiary Strato. Currently you prepare with a major competitor before a cooperation which will be devoted to reinforcing the e-business activities of SMEs.

Number one in the European Web hosting market Strato apparently wants to soar again. As the Teles Board Sigram Schindler COMPUTERWOCHE said the company has looked for an undisclosed major cooperation partner and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with this. Details Schindler wants to announce in late January. Last year had the Berlin domain marketers Strato – not least because of a longer series of mishaps – its top position in the sale of domains and web server services at 1 & 1 Internet proposed.

According to information from industry experts on the future Strato-partner could come from Great Britain. Among the German hosters there are few interesting candidates as the many other companies have only relatively small market share in the single digit percentage range. 1 & 1 spokesman Michael Frenzel has denied speculations on the cooperation between his company and Teles/Strato.

Schindler, who was appointed “Mittelstand online” initiative of the Internet Association Eco in December as chairman of the estimates SMEs as a profitable business for the hosting market. Meanwhile, while many small and medium-sized enterprises have their own web presence, as Schindler, but the fact that so far little profitable business activities have shown. With specially tailored to the needs of these industries products and services his company wants to help in the future SMEs for more online activities.